Why Business Owners and Executives Should Play More Golf


Golfing is one of the most successful tools in growing business. This is because of its ability to build long-lasting friendships within a few hours. Aside from that, it can provide funds for projects, promote executives, break-down barriers, creates a deal-making environment.

These are some of the few reasons why executives and business owners should play golf.

Getting to Talk With Your Clients or Boss:

Nowadays, it’s a little more difficult to be able to talk to your clients or bosses in a non-work environment because everyone is so busy. When a business owner is able to play golf with his/her client, they are able to build rapport because you spend a few hours with them while in game.

This sport will allow you to have conversations with clients or even bosses in between strokes.

Change in Surroundings:

This is great if you want to engage your clients or bosses in a different environment. The surroundings of fresh air, sand, and grass will provide a more serene location than a conference room with four gray walls.

The golf course provides a more relaxed and friendly environment, which will make deal conversations easier because there are less distractions as well.

Increasing Business Knowledge:

You can learn more about your bosses or clients playing golf for four hours than when you are in a meeting. This does not just refer to what they say, but how they carry themselves as people during the game. You can learn a lot about a person based on how they play golf: do they follow the rules and keep their cool? Or are they more the type to mess up their game and blow a fuse?

Either way, you can tell how a person can handle other affairs based on how they handle themselves during the golf game.

New Friendships Formed:

Simply having an interest in golf is enough to improve your friendship with a client or even your boss. The best part is, friendships that revolve around golf often have better chances of lasting a lifetime, which will move better opportunities for you.

Better Gift Options:

You don’t need to impress your friends with a fancy set of new clubs (though that would be well-appreciated), giving them a logoed hat, a towel from St Andrews, or even a small golf book would be enough to solidify the friendship in a way that won’t break bank.

Advantageous for Women:

If you are a lady-golfer, chances are your opportunities in the corporate world would improve vastly. Especially if you are a skilled golfer.

Outside of the office, you would be able to communicate your goals in form of a four-hour game where they would be able to listen to you without bias.


Golf is an excellent game to play if you’re looking to make solid connections with a boss or client. Here are some of the reasons why executives and business owners should play golf.